The Serpentine Pavillion and a Giant Floating Pyramid , June 2018

Each year a new Serpentine Pavilion is creating by an architect, who has never exhibited in the UK before. This year it's , designed by Mexican Frida Escobedo: Her Pavilion takes the form of an enclosed courtyard, comprised of two rectangular volumes positioned at an angle. While the outer walls are aligned with the Serpentine Gallery’s eastern façade, the axis of the internal courtyard aligns directly to the north. 

A few minutes walk from the pavilion you'll find a giant floating pyramid on the Serpentine. A few facts:
* 20 metres high and made up of over 7,500 barrels
* Created by the artist duo famed for creating massive artworks — Christo and Jeanne-Claude.
* The floating creation is called the Mastaba

Both well worth a visit