Waterlow Park, North London, February 2018

I went along to a guided walk around Waterlow Park, my local fabulous park in North London, today. There is so much history, I wasn't aware of, and it was so interesting to hear: 

The park was donated to the public by Sir Sydney Waterlow, as "a garden for the gardenless" in 1889.
Sir Sydney Waterlow was a wealthy English philanthropist, who loved the area and at one point was even the Mayor of London. 
During the first and second world wars the park was used as a "sanitary" for the women, who created kitchen gardens to grow vegetables and fruit trees to feed their families
Furthermore a secret bunker was created for the safety of local residents during the bombings 

I would encourage people to go and explore their local area - there is so much history waiting to be learnt. 

Afterwards I had a wander around the park with my trusted camera, the weather is so stunning today with clear blue skies. I'm always at my happiest, when I create imagery. 

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